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nevada senior industry network group  nevada senior industry network group

S.I.N.G. (Senior Industry Network Group) of Southern Nevada

Where your passion and a need intersect – it is at this intersection you create success in your soul and in the world.   


S.I.N.G. (Senior Industry Network Support Group) of Southern Nevada is the result of that intersection! 


I have a passion to bring valuable information to the seniors in Nevada and to support the people that are directly serving the seniors in Nevada.  I also see a need for the information in NV Senior Guide to get in the hands of all seniors in Nevada and for our industry to support itself in multiple life-enhancing ways.


The industry that services the seniors like Senior Dimensions, the assisted living facilities and home healthcare agencies, need to be supported through education, personal development, community awareness, industry recognition, industry wellness, and networking. All these areas of support are my passion and there is a need to organize the delivery of these services under one entity. Therefore, under the umbrella of The Masters Media Group LLC, a new venue has been created, Senior Industry Network Group of Southern Nevada


We are about to create a range of membership benefits in addition to current activities - and if you would like to learn more, please email us!


Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events – or, that should be, one of YOUR events! 


Meg Mathis – Publisher, Nevada Senior Guide & President of S.I.N.G. (Senior Industry Network Group) of Southern Nevada


Leigh St John - Executive Director of S.I.N.G. [Senior Industry Network Group]

S.I.N.G. (Senior Industry Network Group) Proudly Sponsored by Senior Dimensions.




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