Cheap Discount Dental Plans For Senior Citizens – Maintaining Dental Health Without Paying Too Much by Marcia Templer

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As you age dental care becomes more important and essential. You can no  longer afford to put off treatments that you need today, until tomorrow or next  month. The neglect of minor treatments can lead to bigger and riskier health  problems down the line.

What is a senior citizen discount dental plan?

Discount dental plans allow senior citizens over the age of 65 to get access  to treatments and procedures, while paying as little as possible. Senior  citizens can save up to 60% on routine checkups and procedures. Unlike dental  insurance, dental plans require very little paperwork and there are no health  restrictions.

My income is limited, how do I ensure that I get access to treatments when  I need them?

The fact is a lot of senior citizens live on limited income. This income must  be distributed on a monthly basis to cover housing, healthcare, automobile,  food, entertainment and other daily living expenses. This fact unfortunately  leads some seniors to treat dental care as a luxury rather than an essential  part of their lives.

Since plans do not have health restrictions, it is relatively easy to enroll  in one and gain access to routine dental checks – which are important to ensure  that minor issues do not become big dental problems in the future.

Will I qualify, if I have existing dental problems?

Yes, plans do not have pre-existing conditions or health restrictions so  almost anyone can qualify – even if you have less-than-perfect dental  health.

How are plans priced?

Most plans are priced based on your zip code. A reputable plan network allows  you to search for plan rates with no commitments and compare various networks  before making any purchases.

Search dental  plan rates at Dental plan rates are  offered for consumers in all 50 states. With over 30 dental networks, you can  compare plan rates and save money.

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Enjoyable Activities for a Senior Citizen Party by Misha Anatolia

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Senior citizens are not too old to enjoy themselves, especially if the right  activities are chosen for a party. Great senior party activities keep seniors  engaged, ignite their imaginations, and let them rest. Here’s what to consider  when planning a party for seniors.

Give it a purpose Senior citizens are in their golden years, and they’ve  earned their rest. They’ve also earned the right to strong opinions, and  sometimes have very strong ideas about what they will and will not do. When  planning a party for senior citizens, don’t assume you know what is best for  your guests. Plan the party with a purpose, give them a reason to be interested,  but leave the joining in activities to the participants. Some good activities  that bring a sense of purpose to a party involve charity. You can plan a party  around knitting, sewing, quilting, or crocheting for charity. Lilybug is a  charity that makes blankets and caps for babies in the neonatal intensive care  units of hospitals. Operation Caregiver is a knitting charity that creates warm  handknits for hardworking men and women in service. Having a clear purpose when  at a party allows guests to relax into the experience.

Ignite their imaginations One of the best things about growing older is  being able to lay down the mantel of hard work and eventually return to a sense  of childlike play. Believe it or not, seniors often like to engage in art,  crafts, and imaginative play. Engage this sense of imagination with activities  like calligraphy lessons, watercolor painting, or crochet. Hire a magician,  musician, or storyteller, and then let the guests have the floor while they tell  their own stories. Decorate the party with lots of color or with sweeping themes  to create a wonderland for your guests to lose themselves in.

Let them rest Great party activities, like dancing, get guests moving.  Choose music from every era of their lifetime, and get their memories moving  along with their bodies. At a party for senior citizens, it is important to have  adequate rest, as well. Plan a high tea with finger sandwiches, ladyfingers,  tea, and petit-fours. Arrange furniture in conversation circles near tables  laden with refreshments. Host a film noir movie night where guests can attend as  their favorite old film stars, but can also feel free to put their feet up or  doze when the movie runs too long.

Cater to seniors’ imagination, sense of play, and desire to be a part of the  world. Make the party mean something. Give the party a theme and a purpose. Then  let your guests be your guides. If they want to spend the entire party standing  by the refreshments and reminiscing over the last time they encountered  croissants as fluffy as these, but they don’t have any interest in the ceramics  lesson you’ve got planned, float with it. Let the party go where it will. Being  a good host is about letting the party become a success in spite of you, not  because of you.

Misha Anatolia is a relationship and bridal shower writer. For more bridal shower planning tips and other bridal shower information, go to If you  want more articles, visit our site and click on the Contact Us link.

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Marketing to Senior Citizens – Assume Nothing! by Marte Cliff

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Once upon a time, senior citizens were old people. They were assumed to be  suffering from ill health and in need of care. They sold their homes so they  could move in with children or move to a care facility. Not any more.

Now senior citizens exhibit the same variety of health and fitness as  people much younger. In fact, those who have actively taken care of  themselves are probably more fit than those in their teens and 20’s who shun  exercise and live on junk food.

So, assume nothing, because senior citizens come in many varieties,  with many different goals.

Many choose to remain in their homes, while others want a change of scenery.  But even those want to sell have different reasons.

Some want to get away from excessive maintenance chores. They’ll  choose a smaller home with a smaller yard – or perhaps a condo. They may be in  failing health, but don’t assume so. They may just want to pursue hobbies or  take up volunteer work or be free to travel. Many have something they want to do  that they couldn’t do before, and they don’t want to be tied down by a high  maintenance home.

Others want to find a new home with a large yard, or even acreage, so  they can take up gardening or buy a horse or raise dogs.

Some just want to get away! They’ll sell the old homestead and move  into a motor home so they can see the places they’ve been dreaming about for all  those years when they were tied to work.

Some want to move to a more temperate climate – they’re tired of the  cold and snow and want to get outdoors and play all year. Some have always  dreamed of living on a lake or in the mountains or on the desert. Some wanted to  get away to a small town with a slower pace – or to move to a city with opera  houses and art galleries and the theater. But until now, they were stuck because  they were afraid to move away from their work. Now they can go where they  want.

Of course, there still are those seniors who are selling because they do need  to move in with the kids or to an assisted living facility.

Your job as an agent is to not assume anything. If you want  to sort your lists, set up a capture on your website with information about  downsizing to a smaller home, and a separate capture with information about  transitioning to assisted living. You could even have different pages on your  site – just like you might have different pages and different information for  first time buyers and move-up buyers.

When you get a call to list a home for a senior citizen, go with no pre-set  ideas. Wait and talk to the homeowner before you try to anticipate just what  kind of assistance they need. Otherwise, you’ll risk alienating a new client  before you get a chance to show your stuff!

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in writing for real  estate and related industries.

She’ll help you with one letter, or an entire marketing plan. For Real Estate  agents and brokers who are ready to get full value from their websites, she’ll  be happy to put together an entire package – from the web copy to the lead  generation packages that make an agent’s phone ring.

For busy agents on a budget, Marte offers pre-written letter sets for use in  postal mail or in e-mail continuity campaigns. The current selection includes  letters for FSBO’s, Expired Listings, Short Sale sellers, First Time Buyers, and  a set for new agents to send to buyers. Read what’s included in these sets by  visiting

Marte’s weekly ezine for real estate professionals offers tips and hints for  building a successful business. To subscribe, and to see other resources  available for real estate sales professionals, visit her at

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Governor Reveals the Recipients of Annual Volunteerism Award

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Governor Brian Sandoval announced the six recipients at the 11th Annual Governor’s Points of Light Awards held Friday, January 18th. The awards luncheon was held in conjunction with the Volunteer and Corporate Engagement Summit. The Summit featured national and regional speakers and included Michael Yackira, CEO of NV Energy and Phyllis James, Vice-President of Corporate Responsibility for MGM Resorts International.

Governor Sandoval stated during his speech, “In the two years that I’ve been privileged to serve as your Governor, I’m reminded time and time again of the resilience of Nevadans, of their inner strength and of course their desire to serve. It’s a side of Nevada that doesn’t get as much coverage in the national media, but you and I know it’s all there. Nevada Volunteers and the people we honor today are at the very core of that side of Nevada.”

The 11th Annual Governor’s Points of Light Award Recipients Include:

Individual Volunteer: Southern Nevada
Raquel O’Neill (Las Vegas)

Individual Volunteer: Northern Nevada
Christina Thomas (Reno)

Individual Volunteer: Rural
Fern Payne (Pahrump)

Volunteer Managers
Dustin Rains (Las Vegas)

Nonprofit Volunteer Programs
R&R Partners Foundation (Las Vegas)

Corporate and Business Volunteer Programs
The MGM Resorts International Employee Volunteer Program (Las Vegas)

Governor Sandoval closed his keynote with a challenge to the audience encouraging all to get involved in volunteering. With the 150th Anniversary of Nevada’s statehood around the corner, it is up to the Nevada citizens to make that celebration the true success it can be through volunteering and getting involved. To find volunteer opportunities throughout Nevada, visit

Shelby American 50th Anniversary Super Snake Prototype Crosses 2013 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Block

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SCOTTSDALE – Jan. 17, 2013 – Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), will auction off the black with gold stripes 2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake 50th Anniversary Edition Prototype at No Reserve during the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013. Featured as the debut car at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2012, the GT500 Super Snake Prototype is one of only two exhibit cars displayed throughout the country as part of Shelby American’s 50th Anniversary Tour last year.

“The 50th anniversary marked one of the most significant milestones in Shelby American’s history,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “We’re excited to offer enthusiasts the chance to be a part of Shelby history by owning the first black and gold 50th Anniversary Shelby Super Snake ever built. With the 750 horsepower configuration, we expect the demand for this historical Super Snake to be strong.”

Only 50 white and 50 black 50th Anniversary Edition Super Snakes were built; each boasting gold stripes to signify the golden anniversary. Registered by Barrett-Jackson as lot number 1321, this Shelby is equipped with commemorative 50th anniversary badging, custom interior, special wheels, six-piston front brakes, a car cover and a unique prototype VIN number that is in the official Shelby registry.

“When Carroll introduced the Shelby Cobra in 1962, he changed the world of high performance,” added Luft. “This limited edition prototype Super Snake will mark a golden milestone for the Shelby enthusiast lucky enough to own it.”

Event festivities will crank up on Monday, Jan. 14, with an invite-only “Opening Night Gala”, while the Collector Car Auction begins at 2 p.m. MT on Tuesday, Jan. 15, and will take place every day through Sunday, Jan. 20.

The 2013 Shelby GT350 and GT500 Super Snake, as well as all other Shelby vehicles, are available through the Shelby American headquarters in Las Vegas or at For more information on the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, visit

About Shelby American, Inc. and Carroll Shelby Licensing

Founded by legend Carroll Shelby, Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles; it offers the Shelby 1000, GT350, GT500 Super Snake, GTS and Wide Body post-title packages for the current generation Ford Mustang. For more information, visit Shelby American is a division of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK). Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., also a wholly owned division, is the exclusive holder of Carroll Shelby’s trademarks and vehicle design rights. It also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. Information is at

City of Lights and Gamble-Aires Have Officially Merged To Unite Men’s Barbershop Singing in Southern Nevada

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City of Lights and Gamble-Aires Have Officially Merged To Unite Men’s Barbershop Singing in Southern Nevada

Las Vegas¡¦ Gamble-Aires and City of Lights barbershop choruses have joined hands in a merger that creates a new, enlarged choral dimension for this unique American musi-cal art form in Southern Nevada.
The union, which has been approved by the parent Barbershop Harmony Society¡¦s (BHS) Far Western District (FWD), could create an 80-man chorus of all ages. Effective date of the merger is Jan. 1, 2013.
¡§The merger brings more than 65 combined years of the two chorus¡¦ rich barbershop experience to the Valley¡¦s performing Musical Arts Community,¡¨ said Gamble-Aires Pres-ident Larry Litchfield.
¡§Our plans are to expand our unique barbershop sound and grow our fan base through-out the Valley. In addition, the joining of the two chapters will enhance our mission of en-couraging barbershop singing as an educational tool for our local schools.¡¨
The City of Lights¡¦ Las Vegas Metro Chapter was chartered by the BHS in 1998, un-der sponsorship of the Las Vegas Chapter.
The Las Vegas Chapter — home of its Gamble-Aires, Nevada¡¦s original barbershop chorus — was chartered in 1960 by the then Society for the Preservation and Encourage-ment of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. — now the BHS.
The two separate chorus names will be retained until year end, when a new name for the combined chorus will be announced.
“The City of Lights Chorus is proud to be a part of this effort to strengthen barbershop singing in Southern Nevada,¡¨ said Martin Judd, president of the Las Vegas Metro Chapter.
¡§By uniting our two chapters into one new and larger organization, we hope to signifi-cantly increase the exposure of our unique singing style to a broader segment of Southern Nevada. We will create the opportunity to present even bigger and better shows and other performances to Valley residents. The two choruses sang together at the Gamble-Aires¡¦ 50th anniversary celebration in May, 2010 and the sound was enthusiastically applauded by the large audience. This is an opportunity to make that sound permanent.”

Media Contact: FRED GREEN — (702) 525-9484 (c) „R
October 22, 2012
The following members of both current Chapters were elected to the new Board of the merged chapter, they are: Steve Salmon, President; Larry Litchfield, Immediate Past President; Ivan Lambert, Secretary; Wes White, Treasurer; Albert Weiss, Music VP; Dennis Johnson, Membership VP; Fred Green, PR/Marketing VP; Larry Peckhart, Pro-gram VP; Ross Marty, Chorus Manager; and Bill Lusk and Randy Preston, Members-at-Large. They will assume office on Jan. 1, 2013.
Barbershop harmony is a musical genre that originated in the early 1900s during the Tin Pan Alley era with vaudeville and minstrel singers. Barbershop today ¡V with its ex-panding popularity (for some men it¡¦s a devoutly intense musical passion) ¡V is regarded as a vibrant and original ¡¥USofA¡¦ art form of distinctive a cappella vocal harmony and chord-ringing overtones. Currently, there are more than 600 BHS chapters nationwide with a membership of more than 25,000.
The Gamble-Aires chorus meets at 7 p.m. on Thursdays in the Good Samaritan Lu-theran Church, 8425 W. Windmill, east of S. Durango Drive, and south of the 215 Belt-way (in the 89113 zip code).
The City of Lights chorus meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Bright Angel Church of Christ, 8570 Bright Angel Way, north of Ann Road and west of Durango (in the 89149 area code).
Both chapters are 501(c)(3) educational, tax exempt nonprofit organizations. This nonprofit designation will be carried over to the new consolidated chapter.
The combined chorus will meet at the Gamble-Aires¡¦ location on Thursdays at 7 p.m. Guests are always welcome!
For more information about either chapter, visit or

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