Senior Citizen Jobs – Great Opportunities Revealed by Abhishek Agarwal

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It cannot be denied that some employees prefer to employ younger people. In  spite of this, job market researches have shown that senior citizens have a wide  range of job opportunities before them.

The following statistics reveal that the number of employers who realize the  potentials of senior citizens, and the benefits of employing them, is on the  rise.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that from August 1989 to August  2003, the positions of over 380,000 employees aged between 15 and 24 were  replaced by senior citizens. To explain the point further, when a large number  of Australia’s younger workers left their jobs to become full-time students,  their employers preferred to employ older people in their stead.

More than 500,000 employees in Netherlands are aged 55 and above, and the  number has been steadily rising since 1995.

Competing with the Younger Generation

In order to compete with the younger generation, a senior job seeker has to  take the following factors into consideration.

When you are preparing your resume, emphasise on your accomplishments,  without seeming to brag about them. You have one advantage over the younger  applicants and, that is, your experience, along with a list of achievements and  posts held over a long period of time.

Your work history is just as important as your personality. Employers have a  tendency to notice gaps in employment when a person has been unemployed;  however, they also emphasize on how long a person has served each of his or her  previous employers.

Refresh and enhance your skills by reading voraciously and enrolling in a  variety of programs that will improve your expertise. Keep in touch with the  latest developments and trends in your particular field of service.

Continuously research the Internet for fresh opportunities. Several agencies  place advertisements on the Internet, especially stressing their preference for  senior citizens. The availability of a number of search engines and job sites  will definitely make your job easier.

Best Jobs for Senior Citizens

Here is a list of opportunities that do not focus on the applicants age.

Specialized jobs: For example, people applying for the position of a doctor  are hired on the basis of experience and not age.

Lecturers or speakers: Senior citizens are paid to speak on a topic of their  expertise, and here, age does not really matter. What matters, however, is  qualification, knowledge, and experience.

Writers: A writer’s age is irrelevant. All that is required for novelists,  playwrights, or children’s writers is an excellent hold over language. Moreover,  they can work in peace and comfort from their own houses,  a real bonus for  those who are advanced in years.

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Jobs for Senior Citizens – A Few Things to Think About by Thomas Freers

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Jobs for senior citizens are very popular among those who want to be active  even after retirement. However, are there any opportunities really available for  such people? There are quite a lot of jobs available but you will have to be  very careful about the option you select and will have to think twice before  taking any decisions. Depending on your professional profile you will be able to  find an opportunity that will be suitable for you. This would be a great way to  earn a living and be active even after retiring from your regular job.

Select an Opportunity that is Suitable for You

One of the most important things about jobs for senior citizens is that you  will have to find something that you really like to do. The first and the most  crucial step in the direction is to specify your particular needs and wants  before you actually go ahead and start looking. Whether you want to select  something that is completely different than the job you had been doing for all  these years or finding something in the same industry is another factor that you  will have to think about. You will also have to think about how much time you  would be comfortable working for. Thinking about all of these factors will  ensure that you find something that you would be comfortable with in the long  run.

A Few Things to Think About

Given below are a few things that you must think about before you go for jobs  for senior citizens:

• Your financial goals and the amount that you wish to make working.

• The abilities and the skills that you enjoy using now.

• The type of skills that you no longer wish to use

• Skills that may be transposed in a different field or industry

• Any special talents that you may not have used before but may be used  now

• Any personal project that you may have in mind that you may want to  achieve.

Opportunities Available

For senior citizens the possible job opportunities include freelance work,  sales representative, financial advisory, school brigadier, bus driver, student  tutor, community teacher, mentor, coach or teacher, horticulture, gardening and  retail trade adviser. All of these jobs will give you the chance to do something  that you really like doing. Working after retirement is all about personal  fulfillment rather than financial requirements. For this reason it would be  important for you to find a job that will provide you immense satisfaction. With  so many jobs for senior citizens available today you will definitely be able to  find something useful.

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Where Can You Find Jobs For Senior Citizens? by Raymond Angus

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Jobs for senior citizens, have you ever read a classified ad in a newspaper  with this title?

Probably not! But many want ads in most local newspapers carry with them an  unspoken offer that it is available, and fertile territory, for any observant  senior citizen willing to pursue it.

How, you say? Employers want young people who are physically fit and mentally  agile.

That may be your opinion, but employers opinions are what count, and they are  finding that many seniors are physically capable, and agile enough to perform a  lot of mental gymnastics.

Employers are beginning to realize that seniors bring to the workplace much  more than their physical presence and experience. Senior citizens add a complete  new philosophy to employment. The mix includes work ethics, attitudes,  dedication and loyalty.

Are you a senior citizen? Then unless you have whiled away the bulk of your  years napping next to a palm tree, you have acquired a whole bushel of  knowledge, talent and skills during your life.

Sprinkle over these things the experience you have gained in living. What you  will discover is that you are actually a very capable person well suited to  qualify for many jobs for senior citizens.

Knowing all of this, and having said it, you should be toeing the starting  line for stepping into the employment arena. One question though, where in the  world is the arena?

The answer to that question is simple, the employment arena is all around you  and beyond.

But before you toss your hat into the jobs for senior citizens field, be  absolutely certain what particular job you truly want to apply for. Remember the  old axiom, be careful what you ask for, because you may get it.

What kind of work do you really and truly want to get. Many seniors make the  mistake of simply taking the first job offered to them because it was  available.

Let us face it, we are discussing your life, and above all other things  involved, you should be happy during the hours you will spend working at a  job.

Sit down and spend time determining the kind of job you want. Hold it up to  the light and look at it from all angles. Don’t make your decision based solely  on money, even though money is probably the initial motivating factor behind  your getting a job in the first place.

What hours do you want to be at work, is it the kind of work you have done in  the past, is it physically or mentally demanding? Will it affect your  health?

Do not accept a job simply because it was offered to you. Don’t under sell  yourself and your capabilities. Visualize yourself actually performing the work  involved in a particular job. How do you feel doing it?

There are a lot of employment opportunities out there, take your time and  compare your experience, your likes and dislikes, and your personal  opinions.

Jobs for senior citizens is a growing field of employment. Senior citizens  are being called a national resource. Next time we will talk about writing a  resume.

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