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Of course I talk to myself. Who else can I trust?

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Talking to yourself out loud in public is a sign of mental illness. True or false? If you said true then I am in need of serious psychiatric counseling.

Over the past six weeks I have been seriously challenged with numerous, stressful family and eldercare situations –  coming at me from all sides and at a rapid pace. At the same time I have been observing a new behavior – talking to myself out loud anywhere, anytime. Whoa!!

Funny thing is, hearing my inner thoughts spoken out loud and in my own voice has somehow made me feel better and more in control. I’m not sure how and why this is happening; but I am glad about it. It’s as though I have found a new stress-reliever tool available to me at all times.

Here’s what I have learned about talking to myself over the past six weeks:


There’s already enough negativity in this world and the last person who needs to get down on me is me. Instead of saying, “Why me?” and “I can’t do this” I boost my confidence and reassure myself with thoughts like, “I have been here before and I can get through this again.”  I carefully use words that motivate and give me energy. I push aside negative self-talk immediately.


I have become fully aware of the fact that what I think has a way of becoming a real self-fulfilling prophecy. All thoughts are fleeting…

…keep reading here:  http://eldercareabcblog.com/of-course-i-talk-to-myself-who-else-can-i-trust/

Who Wants to Be a Senior Citizen? By Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.

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Funny, people want to be Senior Product Managers and Senior  Developers, but who wants to be a Senior Citizen? Sarah E. Bourne


Often, the very same word or words, in differing contexts, have very  different meaning. The word Senior when used in industry, medicine, research, or  municipal agencies, means a higher-level job, higher income, or a more  prestigious position. Even being, or becoming, a High School Senior is an  admired level of life.

Yet that same word, senior, or the words Senior Citizen, when applied to  people over 65 is all too often seen as derogatory.

Why? How did the word senior get to be seen as so negative for just this one  group?

Some random thoughts on this issue:

Was the negativity because of some feelings the younger persons had about the  use of “their” terminology to describe “old folks”?

Those using the word senior to describe their own achievements [Senior  Associate, Senior Resident, Senior Analyst, etc.] may have felt that using the  word for older persons denigrated it’s use for them?

Was Senior Citizen at one time also meant to imply higher status or was it  always “negative”

Using the Internet, it seems the term Senior Citizen was first used in 1938  in the United States – but the word senior was used “way back when” in reference  to the father of a son with the same name [i.e. Senior and Junior]

In 1938, the life expectancy of that Senior Citizen was approximately 75ish.  The life expectancy of a person who is 65 now [2010] is approximately 80ish. Add  to this that we now live more healthy older lives; it may be that in the early  1940’s the term was used to describe a person who was unhealthier or more frail  than that 65-year-old is today.

And so the term may have become a negative one as it might have been  describing in reality what we now see as stereotypical thinking about seniors.  Back then these descriptions [frail, sick, bent over] may have been more  accurate for the then senior citizen cohorts.

But – getting back to today: The term Senior citizen needs to be itself  “retired” or there needs to be a move to bring this term into the positive realm  of those other “senior” labels.

It’s probably easier to work at changing the connotation than it is at  deleting the words – they have been part of our popular vocabulary for too  long.

So – here’s to making it as prestigious to be Senior Citizens as it is to be  Senior Product Managers or Senior Developers!

Please go to http://growolderbetter.com and let’s have a discussion about  making Senior Citizen an honorable title!

We can chat about other aging topics as well…

From Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. who at 70 is fighting stereotypes as she skis, bikes  and hikes – and writes about active healthy “older” persons – no matter what  they are labeled.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lynn_Dorman,_Ph.D.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4822620

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